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Welcome to the IPA Books website!

IPA Books is a reality, with her citizenship in New Jersey- USA
It was created with the aim of being part of a multicultural and multi-art project dedicated entirely to Migration.
The United States is, par excellence, a country of all Migrations with extremely valuable stories and testimonies not to be missed.
The different communities have a lot in common, but they do not always have the opportunity to make themselves known to each other. The countries of origin, too, are often unaware of the history, the heritage of those of their children who have left for other places.
There is an urgent need to gather these stories before they are lost. It is imperative that we stop being strangers just because an ocean separates us.
We are interested in them, in bringing them together, in publishing them and making them known.
We want you to know that those who migrate also enjoy reading and writing, and wish the books weren’t that far away from us.
We are bringing together partners and stakeholders so that this project can succeed, such as, for example, the Portuguese publisher Tecto de Nuvens.
Soon we will have news about our publications, but we will report, whenever possible, on others that may be of interest to those dealing with migration issues.
This is an interactive and dynamic project, we count on everyone to strengthen and evolve it.

Www. Ipabooks.net

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